Types of martial arts

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Have you been considering taking a Martial Arts class or have you seen it on a film or program and you want to get involved? A good deal of people like the sound of Martial Arts and they generally see them and believe that they are something which may be accomplished in only five minutes. Also, lots of people don’t even realize that Martial Arts come in different styles and types.

So, if you are thinking of starting up Martial Arts, as well as losing the attitude that it will simply take a day or two to learn, you also have to do some research to determine which sort of Martial Arts is for you.

Whilst there is a fairly long list of Martial Arts available to choose from, there are a few which remain the most common. These include:

o Karate

Karate is definitely one of the most popular Martial Arts worldwide. It was first created to help the user to attack and potentially kill an attacker.

There are different styles of Karate and all colleges can change in their techniques.

o Judo

Judo is another popular Martial Art and it was initially developed in Japan. It’s usually used as a fun, aerobic exercise which really helps with physical fitness. As with Karate, it’s commonly used by all age groups and both genders.

o Kendo

It is principally used by soldiers that need to constantly attack their enemies and it’s also used by individuals who simply want to take part in a fun Martial Art. Obviously for self defense this might not be the best type of Martial Arts which you could take as you are not likely to carry a sword around with you and even if you did you wouldn’t be permitted to use it in an unarmed attacker!

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is one of the greatest types of Martial Arts for self defense and it mainly focuses on ground fighting. It has existed for quite a long time but it didn’t really become popular until the 1990’s. It is ideal for all ages although some may see it as too much for kids. It generally teaches you how you can use your attackers strength against them.

Overall there are a number of different Martial Arts to choose form and those mentioned above are only a couple of them. All will help to make you more confident, fitter and they will also help to keep you safer from attack. You just have to do the right amount of research to ensure you are trying the best type of Martial Arts for you.

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