Train Your Toddler in the Shortest Span of Time

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Trust us, potty training isn’t actually very hard and stressful once you do it properly. There have been instances where even the first time and single mothers even without even having the dad to help out in the house, have been able to potty train their toddler within a week’s time or even less. You can do it as well. Stay with us and we’ll show you how.

Potty training in small sessions

A lot of books have been written which suggest that you need to start with potty training in routine sessions. This method of training suggests that you’d want to train the toddler in the morning as well as in the afternoon multiple times at home. Allow them to go around their regular activities of eating, drinking and enjoying as they usually do, but have them sit on the pot every fifteen minutes. After the session is completed, just put them back into the diaper or their pull ups and continue with your regular activities of daily. If you take them out, then have a session as soon as you contact your dwelling. On the 3rd day, go out for a session for the whole day. When leaving the house, just make sure you are carrying a potty in your vehicle or only visit places that are certain to have restrooms for the use of the general public.

Try some naked time

Allow your toddler to go around each of their activities naked, or just put on a T-shirt. As they are not wearing any underwear or diaper, they will find no place where they can set their poop or pee; they need to place it somewhere – and it would be a good idea to do it in the toilet. When they are finished using the potty, be certain you get a look so you know all is well. Make them understand that flushing is a big deal by pointing them to the swirling water and having them admit the wonderful sound of whooshing.

Some nice prizes for the potty used right can be stamps on head or hand, stickers, bubbles as well as just 1 part of M&Ms. You can even go the extra mile and take your toddler to a dollar store where they get to pick out the special reward for the fantastic job they have done by spending a comprehensive day in their dry undies or staying completely dry for the whole night. Special food prizes which could be a pizza party for the foods or ice creams or sundae bars for involving the foods (you may put some gummy bears, McLennan County Wildlife Removal, sprinkles and cherries in various bowl and have your toddler produce the sundae in their own) are awesome ideas. However, if you want something that won’t cost as much, then you may find any art project which you can also do with them and they’ll have the ability to show it off to others as their prize for using the potty.

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